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Firstly ,Turn disposables vape is a Single-source high potency oil infused with natural botanicals. What does that mean? . Like the process essential oils go through. Cannabis distillation removes anything that impacts high potency, purity, and taste volatility. We turn up the heat to remove unwanted flavors, aromas, and all other impurities.

Moreover ,Small batch, incredibly selective, and extracted by natural means only. To add ,We use strains grown precisely for the solventless process — water, ice, and agitation — Also,  to give you the purest essence of the plant and a supernatural flavor experience. Vegan, non-GMO, and crafted with zero synthetics, solvents, or cut.

Like a live show happening inside your body and mind — think enhanced vibrations, deep sensations, and that feeling of being transported.  Generally, Liquid live resin is for cannabis connoisseurs who want the cannabis plant in all its OG glory. The goal is to capture its truest essence for that earthy, floral, sometimes fruity, sometimes sweet flavor found only in nature. Kind of like that Bruno Mars song, “Just the Way You Are.”


Alarm clock xo | Sex and citrus | Sweet Caroline | Amarelo | Sour d/ b cooper | Grapes n cream
|Nightshade gmo | Pink menthol | Rainbow Brite | Banana go kart | Papayarazzi |



Alarm clock xo, Sex and citrus, Sweet Caroline, Amarelo, Sour d/ b cooper, Grapes n cream, Nightshade gmo, Pink menthol, Rainbow Brite, Banana go kart, Papayarazzi


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