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Favorite 2g Disposables


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Favorites Disposables The Best Liquid Diamonds Disposables

Favorites Disposable Liquid Diamonds concentrates the purest available form of medical marijuana that has been melted into our Favorites Disposables. Our Favorite Liquid Diamond Disposables offer a vaping experience that is second to none. Liquid Diamonds are basically Delta 9 THC .

What Are Favorite Live  Resin

Favorites Live Resins are mouthwatering disposable bars made to give you the perfect hit every time. This extract  is made with just one ingredient, exotic marijuana , and it has the purest and most flavorful cannabinoids and terpene concentrate around.

Favorites Disposable Flavors

sundae surfer | lava cake | grape soda | purple patrick | upside down pineapple | hawaiian belts | slurrine gelato | papaya punch #33 | cosmic cookies | alien vs cowbows | sweet island skunk | jet fuel gelato | birthday cake | agent orange


sundae surfer, lava cake, grape soda, purple patrick, upside down pineapple, hawaiian belts, slurrine gelato, papaya punch #33, cosmic cookies, alien vs cowbows, sweet island skunk, jet fuel gelato, birthday cake, agent orange


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