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Baked Bar Carts


1Gram 510 Threaded Glass Cart
ZERO additives or Filler- (No PG, No VG, No Vitamin E Acetate)
Organic Terpenes
Lab Tested

Baked Bars Carts

Baked bar Carts is one of the most grounded and most perfect vape or trucks, with an assortment of delectable delicious flavor cases anybody can pick from. Like most vape cartridges’, baked bar vape is both utilized for clinical and sporting reasons. This vape is extricated from California’s best pot strains going from Indica to Sativa and Hybrid.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best user experience through our innovative products. Our cannabis oil is 100% cannabis derived organic, which means absolutely no pesticides or additives in our product ever. Makes for a safer smoking experience.

Baked bar Carts Flavors

  • Hawaiin Punch
  • Fruity Loops
  • Jungle Juice
  • Candy Land
  • Northern Lights
  • Jolly Rancher Haze

Hawaiin Punch, Fruity Loops, Jungle Juice , Candy Land, Northern Lights, Jolly Rancher Haze


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